• Poland
  • 5 Big Reasons to Visit Warsaw, Poland

    Warsaw Barbican

    I’ve heard of multiple cases where people have advised travellers to not bother visiting Warsaw when in Poland. Generally it’s said in comparison to Krakow which gets rave reviews most of the time. I find this disappointing as I enjoyed my time in Warsaw and think that comparing the two cities is a flawed notion. […]

  • Australia
  • Photo Series: Sheffield, the Town of Murals in Tasmania

    Farmer Mural Sheffield

    With my trip to Tasmania in December last year, I was expecting to see plenty of sweeping landscapes and stunning nature and I did. That’s what Australia’s southern island state is known for. However, I certainly wasn’t expecting to come across a whole lot of street art, especially since I wasn’t staying in any of […]

  • Talking Travel
  • 7 Sources of Inspiration for Finding Hidden Gems

    Inspiration for Hidden Gems

    In a recent post on my day trip to Trogir, someone asked in the comments how I how came across the town. In my most recent post on Civita di Bagnoregio, I revealed that what truly inspired me to visit the town was it featuring on the reality show the Amazing Race. Together they got me […]

  • Italy
  • Awestruck by Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

    Town of Civita di Bagnoregio

    On occasion, I come across a view so amazing and awe-inspiring that I have trouble believing that it’s real. As if someone had painted what I was seeing on a canvas. That’s how I felt when I first laid eyes on Civita di Bagnoregio. This tiny, and I mean tiny, village is the definition of […]

  • Poland
  • The Charming Medieval City of Torun, Poland

    Night Fountain Torun

    Given all the massive devastation Poland saw during World War II, many of the country’s old towns are now merely modern reconstructions. That’s not a criticism, simply the unfortunate truth. But I did say many and not all, which means there are several places in Poland where you get the chance to explore a beautifully […]

  • Lithuania
  • 11 Sights To See in Kaunas, Lithuania

    Kaunas Castle Sunset

    When I decided to visit the city of Kaunas in central Lithuania, I hadn’t really given much thought to what there was to see and do in the city. I had included Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city, in my itinerary because I like to try to see at least a few different destinations in a country […]

  • Croatia
  • A Peaceful Day Trip to Trogir from Split, Croatia

    Trogir View

    It’s hard to go past a visit to the coastal city of Split on a trip to Croatia. Not only a beautiful city in its own right with the remarkable UNESCO world heritage site of Diocletians Palace, it is also a popular starting point for sailing trips on the Adriatic Sea. But on top of […]

  • Poland
  • Elsewhere: Białystok, Poland

    Branicki Palace, Białystok

    When trying to figure out how to get between Lithuania and Poland, I came across the option to travel to the city of Białystok in far eastern Poland. Honestly, Białystok hadn’t been on my radar at all before that, but it seemed like a convenient stop to break up the long journey to Warsaw. What […]

  • Lithuania
  • The Diabolical Devil Museum of Kaunas, Lithuania

    Devil's Head, Devil Museum

    It’s fair to say that there are two types of museums: the ordinary, run-of-the-mill museums, and the strange, obscure museums. The Devil Museum in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas is most definitely the latter. Scrolling through the list of things to do in Kaunas, the Devil Museum understandably caught my eye and captured my curiosity. I […]

  • Lithuania
  • Sorry Vilnius, But I Didn’t Get You

    Vilnius River View

    Before I start, let me say that it’s not that I didn’t like my first visit to Lithuania’s capital. It’s very much an interesting city, with plenty of historical attractions and quite a youthful atmosphere. With that said, I struggled to get my head around it. As a European city, it didn’t make a whole […]

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