• Europe
  • The Trade Off Between Western and Eastern Europe

    Prilep Town Square

    As I set off again back to Eastern Europe, this time to explore Hungary and Serbia, it reminded me of an internal debate I’d had a while back. During my last two years in Europe, I’ve seemed to alternate between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europe has always been more familiar to me, having […]

  • Asia
  • A Day in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

    Mekong Shore, Kampong Cham

    When I decided to take a tour through Cambodia in 2014, there were only a couple of places that I really knew of and wanted to see. I was interested in visiting the nation’s capital of Phnom Penh and of course, Angkor Wat. Part of the allure of taking the tour was being shown places I […]

  • Belgium
  • Photo Series: The Surreal Experience of Aalst Carnaval, Belgium

    Firehose Float, Aalst Carnaval

    You would have had to be living under a rock to not have heard of Carnival before. Around the world, people celebrate this religious observation in all manners. The best known festivals arguably are in Rio de Janeiro, Venice and New Orleans’ iconic Mardi Gras. However, there are also plenty of lesser known celebrations globally, including […]

  • Malta
  • 11 Things to Do in the Three Cities, Malta

    Fort View of Three Cities, Malta

    For many visitors to Malta, the nation’s capital of Valletta is the main Maltese city that they will explore. But it by no means the only city on the islands and you need only look across The Grand Harbour for proof. If you’ve visited Valletta and been to the Upper Barrakka Gardens, then you’ve likely looked […]

  • Poland
  • My Favourite Moments Visiting Krakow, Poland

    Krakow Old Town Streets

    Arguably Poland’s most popular tourist destination, visiting Krakow is a dreamland for those who love historic old towns and exploring local culture. Given how much praise I had heard for it beforehand, I arrived to the city in Poland’s south cautiously optimistic. Overhyping a destination can lead to unrealistic expectations, so I try not to […]

  • Europe
  • The Quaint Mining Town of Røros, Norway

    Røros Town

    Norway is very much a country known for its coast and with good reason. One word – fjords. When I was planning my trip to Norway back in 2014, I realised that every single place I had planned was on the country’s coast. Adamant that I should try to see what the country’s interior was […]

  • Australia
  • The Treasures of North West Tasmania, Australia

    View Dip Falls Tasmania's North

    Truth be told, Tasmania isn’t a wildly popular tourist destination for visitors to Australia. And the same could also be said for Australians from the mainland. I’m sure for many, their one and only visit to the great southern island was on a school trip many years ago. I don’t know when I would have […]

  • Belgium
  • Elsewhere: Lively and Lovely Leuven, Belgium

    Grote Markt Leuven

    How the city of Leuven isn’t a bigger deal in Belgium is beyond me. This small city in the region of Flanders is simply full to the brim with stellar attractions that I think can stand toe-to-toe with Belgium’s best. Leuven flaunts a distinctive UNESCO site, one of the most remarkable libraries I’ve visited and a […]

  • Malta
  • The Picturesque Harbour of Marsaxlokk, Malta

    Marsaxlokk Village

    The mediterranean islands of Malta are home to plenty of beautiful and scenic spots and the village of Marsaxlokk has to be one of its most picturesque. A traditional fishing village on the east coast of the island of Malta, Marsaxlokk woos visitors with its bright colours and laid-back atmosphere. Here’s a quick look at the delightfully […]

  • Italy
  • A Day Trip Pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy

    Rooftops of Assisi, Umbria

    If it weren’t for one man, the story of the small Italian town of Assisi would be vastly different. The town would have been relegated to the still prestigious ranks of being yet another awfully scenic hilltop town. But this is not the case and it’s all thanks to the pious St. Francis of Assisi. As […]

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