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by David
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Hi there! My name’s David and I’ve spent as much of the last 11 years travelling as much as I can. Since 2016, I’ve been sharing my travels and my passion for experiencing this great wide world. Because I like to go beyond the iconic and well-known and visit places less seen, I decided to name my outlet for sharing with you Travelsewhere.


Where does my blog cover?

If you’re coming to my travel blog, you’re probably looking for advice and inspiration.

My travels have mostly been focused on Europe, a region I spent most of 5 years exploring before returning to Australia. While I’m fond of places like the Baltic and Balkans, I’ve spent just as much time in Western and Central Europe. I regularly visited the city of Vienna between trips, so I feel like I know the city especially well.

Since returning to Australia, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring my home country, especially lovely green Tasmania. But Asia has always had a soft spot in my heart too, so you should find quite a few resources for travelling in Asia as well.


How I started travelling

My love for travel started young. When I was a child my family moved temporarily overseas twice, once to Sweden and once to Belgium. While over there, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel through Europe, so by the time I was 12 I had visited over 20 countries.

Now while a lot of the experience was probably lost on me as a child, elements did creep in. I found it fun to be able to count in French or say thank you in Italian. I developed an interest in history that has stuck with me to this day. But I think what I learnt most forcefully is how lucky I was to have that experience, particularly when I would return to school in Melbourne and realise that our type of trip was a rarity.


My travels now

After a lull, I was able to start travelling again after working full time a number of years. the last few years I’d been able to travel again, each trip longer and a shorter gap between. Eventually, it came down to a decision of what I wanted to do with my time and money. Save towards a house deposit or jaunt around the world? Since leaving my job, I made it across 6 continents (curse you Antarctica!) and 30+ new countries.

Travelling full-time for years on end, I had no trouble completing my goal of visiting 50 countries. A common theme along the way has been trying to find places that are a little less travelled; places that are often less considered as an option by tourists. Hence, the name @travelsewhere and my desire to share some of these other corners of the world.

After settling into a rhythm, I began working remotely as I travelled, diving into the digital nomad life. That lifestyle changed my travels a little, slowing me down to accommodate fitting work in around my sightseeing. It wasn’t all bad though, as this slow travel gave me much longer in destinations than I’d even hoped for.

Sadly, my non-stop travel came to a grinding halt in 2020 with the pandemic. After months stuck overseas I was able to return to Australia for the longest time in 7 years. I’m now based in Australia and travelling internationally and domestically whenever I can.


My approach to travel

When it comes to how I like to travel, I’m not a luxury traveller nor a full-blown backpacker; I’m somewhere in the middle; I’m flexible.

I favour guesthouses for their price and intimacy but am also happy to use 2*/3* hotels and hostels when the need arises. I love a good train trip when possible, but sadly often a cheap bus or flight works out easier. That being said, I am doing my best to travel in more a sustainable fashion these days.

As for once I arrive at a destination, I prefer to wander by myself but sometimes take advantage of free city walking tours. Mostly, I like to have a few key sights in mind and then simply explore and get lost in a place. I enjoy counting countries (as previously witnessed) but I know it’s a poor reflection of worldly experience.

I truly believe that everyone travels differently and loath the traveller/tourist debate. Travel is like learning, we each respond to different things in different ways. If you’re interested in which countries are currently at the top of my wishlist, check out this post on them.

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