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When travelling, it’s vital to make sure you keep your documents and info safe. Nothing worse than misplacing your passport, immunisation booklet or currency cards. Having it all in one place both when you’re home and away is a great way to ensure you never lose track of things. That habit of having a routine about where things go is how I’ve kept track all these years travelling. Travel wallets are a life saver in this regard, giving you a dedicated home for all your travel stuff.

As I was in dire need of a new passport wallet given the state of my old one, it was fortunate that the folks at JooJoobs reached out to review their line of handmade leather travel wallets.

Passport Travel Wallets


Types of Travel Wallets

Joojoobs make a wide range of products, but travellers will be most interested in the travel wallets and passport wallets. The main types of leather products they make are passport holders and travel wallets. Passport holders are covers for your passports to keep them safe from the ravages of travel. Travel Wallets are able to hold both passports and other things like credit cards and frequent flyer cards.

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These wallets are handmade from distressed leather and come in several colours. The leather they use is full grain leather, the highest quality of leather.

Admittedly, there were a few veins or scuff marks when the wallet arrived which might upset some people. To me though, a few minor imperfections shows that it is unique and handmade, not just mass-produced. What shows how much care and skill have gone into making the wallet for me is the stitching of the wallet.

Wallet Closeup



Personalised Message

Beyond the craftsmanship and quality materials, I think the personalisation is what’s going to excite people the most. As you can see, my wallet was emblazoned with “Travelsewhere”, which I think looks great. They have a huge range of options for personalisation, so you can have travel wallets decorated with monograms, inspirational quotes or whatever you desire.

Personalised, Travel Wallets

All this sums up to a highly impressive product and certainly a great gift idea for those still Christmas shopping.


About JooJoobs

Based out of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, JooJoobs is a multi-generational family business. Decades of experience are poured into their work and it definitely shows. Since 2013, this local business has expanded online, both through their website and on Etsy.


What do you look for in travel wallets? What more would you want in a passport wallet? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

*Disclosure: I received a personalised passport wallet from JooJobs for review purposes. As always, opinions are my own.

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