• Australia
  • The Treasures of North West Tasmania, Australia

    View Dip Falls Tasmania's North

    Truth be told, Tasmania isn’t a wildly popular tourist destination for visitors to Australia. And the same could also be said for Australians from the mainland. I’m sure for many, their one and only visit to the great southern island was on a school trip many years ago. I don’t know when I would have […]

  • Latin America
  • Photo Series: The Captivating Colca Canyon of Peru

    Condor Rising, Colca Canyon

    Before my visit to Peru, I only ever really thought of it in terms of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. I was most definitely naive to the many fantastic historical and natural sights that the country had to offer. My brother had been to Peru a year or two before and had given me […]

  • Europe
  • Japanese Tutoring while Husky Sledding in Lapland

    Husky Sledding in Lapland

    One of the fun activities to do when visiting Finnish Lapland is to go dog sledding with Siberian huskies. With a spare day in the city of Rovaniemi in northern Finland, this seemed like the perfect way to spend the day out in the March snow. When we arrived at the husky farm, we were introduced to […]