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  • Scammed in Hanoi with One Shoe

    I had just arrived back into Hanoi on an overnight train from Sapa, where I had been hiking through the region’s famed rice terraces. The train ride hadn’t been comfortable and I had only managed at most an hour’s sleep. That morning I was meant to set off for Halong Bay, but bad weather had postponed […]

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  • Top 5 Things to do in Vietnam

    After quitting my job in Canberra back in October of 2014, my first destination in Vietnam felt like an exotic choice. I allowed myself 4 weeks to explore the country from North to South and it turned out to be a memorable experience with some wonderful moments. I now consider Vietnam to be one of my […]

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  • Elsewhere: Da Lat, Vietnam

    Golden Buddha, Da Lat

    Slice of Alpine France in the mountain forests of Vietnam mostly free from western tourists and surrounded by natural beauty. Da Lat, or Dalat, is a city found in the wooded highlands of South Vietnam. It’s proximity to Ho Chi Minh City led to it becoming a holiday retreat for the French during their occupation. […]