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  • Scammed in Hanoi with One Shoe

    I had just arrived back into Hanoi on an overnight train from Sapa, where I had been hiking through the region’s famed rice terraces. The train ride hadn’t been comfortable and I had only managed at most an hour’s sleep. That morning I was meant to set off for Halong Bay, but bad weather had postponed […]

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  • Top 5 Things to do in Vietnam

    After quitting my job in Canberra back in October of 2014, my first destination in Vietnam felt like an exotic choice. I allowed myself 4 weeks to explore the country from North to South and it turned out to be a memorable experience with some wonderful moments. I now consider Vietnam to be one of my […]

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  • Photo Series: Trekking the Sapa Terraces, Vietnam

    Sapa Landscape Vietnam

    While there are a number of places to visit in Vietnam, the rice terraces of Sapa should be right at the top of your list. This beautiful region near the country’s northern border with China boasts breathtaking natural scenery, not to mention significant cultural importance. The region of Sapa is home to many ethnic groups, […]

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  • Elsewhere: Da Lat, Vietnam

    Golden Buddha, Da Lat

    Slice of Alpine France in the mountain forests of Vietnam mostly free from western tourists and surrounded by natural beauty. Da Lat, or Dalat, is a city found in the wooded highlands of South Vietnam. It’s proximity to Ho Chi Minh City led to it becoming a holiday retreat for the French during their occupation. […]