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  • Travel Articles by Your Side with GPSMyCity

    These days more and more people are looking to travel blogs to help them find attractions to see and craft their destination itineraries. While this does help travellers find new and different places, not to mention trusted personal recommendations, it does come with one major drawback; you often don’t have the article with you when you’re […]

  • Slovenia
  • 9 Things to Know Before Visiting Slovenia

    Bled Castle over the Lake, Visiting Slovenia

    I keep finding myself returning to Slovenia. The country just seems to have a hold on me.  Since first visiting in 2013, I returned twice last year and I really wouldn’t discount another visit in the coming year. To me it’s kind of crazy how Slovenia isn’t a bigger deal for travellers to Europe considering […]

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  • 7 Sources of Inspiration for Finding Hidden Gems

    Inspiration for Hidden Gems

    In a recent post on my day trip to Trogir, someone asked in the comments how I how came across the town. In my most recent post on Civita di Bagnoregio, I revealed that what truly inspired me to visit the town was it featuring on the reality show the Amazing Race. Together they got me […]

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  • The Art of the Day Trip

    Day Trip to Portofino

    In just my first 9 days visiting Belgium, I managed 5 day trips to surrounding cities and towns from the city of Ghent. By the end, I was pretty exhausted by the idea of it. It was just too much. Usually I’m pretty fond of heading out for the day to explore somewhere new nearby and […]

  • Bulgaria
  • The Southern Border Crossing to Macedonia

    Sandanski Bus, Visiting Macedonia

    Part of the challenge of travelling to less common places is that there are usually limited ways of doing things. After Bulgaria my plan was to head to the Republic of Macedonia next and there were definitely some challenges ahead. Before heading to Melnik, my last stop in Bulgaria, I had wrongly assumed that crossing the border with […]

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  • Tools for Trip Planning

    Organising your own travel can sometimes be a daunting and frustrating thing. Trying to determine what to do, where to stay and how to get to a place you’ve never been can be quite a challenge. I thought I would share some of the websites and apps that I use across the various phases of […]