• Australia
  • The Treasures of North West Tasmania, Australia

    View Dip Falls Tasmania's North

    Truth be told, Tasmania isn’t a wildly popular tourist destination for visitors to Australia. And the same could also be said for Australians from the mainland. I’m sure for many, their one and only visit to the great southern island was on a school trip many years ago. I don’t know when I would have […]

  • Australia
  • A Day in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

    Dove Lake Cradle Mountain

    During my visit to Tasmania, Australia’s southern island, there was one place in particular that I really wanted to visit – Cradle Mountain National Park. When people had heard I was visiting Tasmania, that was a usually their top recommendations, but I’d also seen some stunning photos. Together that made it my most anticipated sightseeing […]

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  • Photo Series: Sheffield, the Town of Murals in Tasmania

    Farmer Mural Sheffield

    With my trip to Tasmania in December last year, I was expecting to see plenty of sweeping landscapes and stunning nature and I did. That’s what Australia’s southern island state is known for. However, I certainly wasn’t expecting to come across a whole lot of street art, especially since I wasn’t staying in any of […]