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  • Remarkable Roman Ruins Outside Italy

    Heraclea Amphitheatre, Roman Ruins

    As someone who has considerable interest in history, I always like to learn about the past of places I’m visiting. This is likely clear in many of my posts, often fixating on historical landmarks and such. In the last year or so, I’ve been surprised to notice a common thread through many of the places […]

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  • 7 Countries I’m Desperate to Revisit

    Tulum Ruins, Countries to Revisit

    As my list of countries I’ve visited continues to grow, I find myself thinking where’s next. To be honest, I’m often thinking that. I’ve realised that the number of European countries I’ve not yet been to is shrinking and this means it may be time to return to some countries I’ve already been to. While I generally want […]

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  • La Mercè Festival in Barcelona

    Gaudi Barcelona, La Mercè

    While venturing through Andalusia, Spain last year I decided to make a quick side trip to Barcelona to meet up with friends from Australia who were holidaying in Europe. Organised rather hastily, I hadn’t done any research or made any plans other than to catch up with my friends. Little did I know, it was going […]

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  • Elsewhere: Vigo, Spain

    Galician port city, that combines a comfortable city break with access to some of Spain’s best beaches, all in a cooler climate. Spain is a country of overwhelming choices. Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Majorca, the list goes on. You’re never going to run out of places to visit. But if you’re already passed through all the highlights, where next? […]

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  • 5 Sightseeing Nature Walks in Europe

    For such a long settled region, Europe still has plenty of corners where the wilderness is left alone. Where nature is allowed to do its thing and those that enjoy getting away from it all have somewhere to go. This means there’s no shortage of destinations for nature walking and hiking for those travelling to Europe. […]

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  • Favourite Countries of 2015

    Cordoba, Favourite Countries of 2015

    I had a hell of a year in 2015. After leaving Australia indefinitely for the Americas and then Europe, I had no real idea what I was getting myself into. What resulted was 11 months exploring this wonderful planet, stoking my passion for travel and experiencing a different type of lifestyle. I took my Instagram […]