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  • My Favourite Moments Visiting Krakow, Poland

    Krakow Old Town Streets

    Arguably Poland’s most popular tourist destination, visiting Krakow is a dreamland for those who love historic old towns and exploring local culture. Given how much praise I had heard for it beforehand, I arrived to the city in Poland’s south cautiously optimistic. Overhyping a destination can lead to unrealistic expectations, so I try not to […]

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  • 11 Sights to See in Wroclaw, Poland

    Busy Market Square Wroclaw

    The city of Wrocław in western Poland is somewhat of a paradox; it’s one of Poland’s largest tourist destinations and yet you seemingly here very little about it. Often also known by its old German name Breslau, Wroclaw is a city of many charms, particularly when it comes to its delightful, historic architecture. Of course […]

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  • 5 Big Reasons to Visit Warsaw, Poland

    Warsaw Barbican

    I’ve heard of multiple cases where people have advised travellers to not bother visiting Warsaw when in Poland. Generally it’s said in comparison to Krakow which gets rave reviews most of the time. I find this disappointing as I enjoyed my time in Warsaw and think that comparing the two cities is a flawed notion. […]

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  • The Charming Medieval City of Torun, Poland

    Night Fountain Torun

    Given all the massive devastation Poland saw during World War II, many of the country’s old towns are now merely modern reconstructions. That’s not a criticism, simply the unfortunate truth. But I did say many and not all, which means there are several places in Poland where you get the chance to explore a beautifully […]

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  • Elsewhere: Białystok, Poland

    Branicki Palace, Białystok

    When trying to figure out how to get between Lithuania and Poland, I came across the option to travel to the city of Białystok in far eastern Poland. Honestly, Białystok hadn’t been on my radar at all before that, but it seemed like a convenient stop to break up the long journey to Warsaw. What […]

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  • Photo Series: The Magnificent City of Gdansk

    Golden Long Lane, Gdansk

    One of my standout favourite destinations from my visit to Poland was the magnificent city of Gdansk. This port city on Poland’s northern Baltic coast is home to some incredible architecture and waterfront scenes. Once known as the german city of Danzig, the city’s storied past is reflected in its magnificent sights. Despite the considerable […]

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  • Finding The Many Dwarfs of Wrocław in Poland

    Prison Dwarf of Wrocław

    Those that know me know I’m not really one for cutesy or kitsch things. So taking a tour of city that focuses solely on gnomes in a range of cute poses really shouldn’t be up my alley. But travel is often about doing things you normally wouldn’t at home. I have to admit I was […]

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  • The Wonderfully Weird Crooked Forest of Poland

    Warped Trees of Crooked Forest

    Welcome to one of the places in Poland that may just well be one of its strangest. Found a little way out of the western Polish city of Szczecin is Krzywy Las, known in English as the Crooked Forest. I first learned of this bizarre and obscure attraction in an in-flight magazine and had written […]

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  • My Favourite Countries of 2016

    Melnik Sunset, Favourite Countries of 2016

    Compared to last years travels, this year’s adventures have been decidedly one note. Rather than bouncing around the world like I did back in 2015, 2016 was about exploring Central and Eastern Europe and seeing what they had to offer. My jet-setting lifestyle took a backseat to the reality of needing money and after quite […]

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  • What to See in Poznan, Poland

    Statue Square Poznan

    It’s rather peculiar that the city of Poznan in Western Poland isn’t a larger tourist destination. While Poznan is one of the biggest cities in Poland, it’s nowhere near as well-known to tourists as Krakow, Warsaw or Gdansk. The city boasts many of the same qualities that makes Poland such an enticing country to visit – […]