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  • The Quaint Mining Town of Røros, Norway

    Røros Town

    Norway is very much a country known for its coast and with good reason. One word – fjords. When I was planning my trip to Norway back in 2014, I realised that every single place I had planned was on the country’s coast. Adamant that I should try to see what the country’s interior was […]

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  • Strange Places I’ve Spent the Night

    Ice Hotel, Strange Places

    I’ve just recently stayed in the Polish city of Gdansk where I stayed in two rather unusual accommodations. The first was in student housing at the city’s Music Academy. Upon arrival I was met with violins being practiced and as I left, goodbyed with the sound of operatic singing. My second was in one of the towers of […]

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  • Derailments and Snowstorms in Sweden

    During my trip to Scandinavia a few years back, I had the pleasure of staying a night in the Ice Hotel of Jukkasjarvi in northern Sweden. This truly was a bucket list moment and such a strange, but fun, experience (which I’m now realising I should write a post about). Visiting in March, it was […]