• Latin America
  • Photo Series: Jungle River Tour to Lamanai, Belize

    Boat to Lamanai

    Back in 2014, I journeyed to one of my most anticipated stops in Central America, Belize. I had been keen to visit this Caribbean country after reading a random guide-book one day. After spending some time on the Cayes by the Belizean reef, I travelled inland to the small town of Orange Walk in the country’s […]

  • Latin America
  • 5 Mighty Mayan Ruins in Central America

    Temple V, Tikal, Mayan Ruins

    Fair to say that before I travelled through Central America at the start of 2015 I knew very little about the region’s history. I mean, I vaguely knew there were Mayans, Aztecs, pyramids and human sacrifice, but that was essentially it. Pre-colonial Latin American history is not really something they teach you in Australia. Now after […]