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  • 100th Post: Popular and Favourite Posts and Photos

    100th Post

    Wow, can’t believe I’m already at my 100th post! It’s been a lot of fun writing the 99 that have come before and I hope that it’s been to fun to read them. Thanks as always for coming to my blog and reading my incoherent ramblings. Since I didn’t do something for my 1 year blogaversary, […]

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  • My Favourite Countries of 2016

    Melnik Sunset, Favourite Countries of 2016

    Compared to last years travels, this year’s adventures have been decidedly one note. Rather than bouncing around the world like I did back in 2015, 2016 was about exploring Central and Eastern Europe and seeing what they had to offer. My jet-setting lifestyle took a backseat to the reality of needing money and after quite […]

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  • Top 5 Things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Given that I listed it as one of my favourite countries I visited in 2015 here, I thought I would expand on why I enjoyed Bosnia and Herzegovina so much and share my favourite sights and moments from my visit. Bosnia and Herzegovina had never really piqued my interest before, but it’s proximity to Montenegro and Dubrovnik ultimately […]

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  • Favourite Countries of 2015

    Cordoba, Favourite Countries of 2015

    I had a hell of a year in 2015. After leaving Australia indefinitely for the Americas and then Europe, I had no real idea what I was getting myself into. What resulted was 11 months exploring this wonderful planet, stoking my passion for travel and experiencing a different type of lifestyle. I took my Instagram […]