• France
  • Day Trip to the Stunning Pont du Gard, France

    Pont Du Gard

    Concealed within the countryside of southern France lies one of its most important heritage landmarks. A treasured UNESCO site in the Gard Department of Occitanie, the Pont du Gard aqueduct really is an all-round important destination. Just a quick day trip from Nimes or Avignon, Pont du Gard is a feat of engineering, a historic remnant and […]

  • Europe
  • Best Regions of Europe to Visit in 2018

    Ghent Waterfront, Best Regions of Europe

    A new year deserves some new ideas, so I thought I’d share some places that you should consider visiting in 2018. With individual cities and destinations I find it hard to keep the list short. Therefore, I’ve decided to restrict myself to the best regions of Europe, as each of them include plenty of stellar […]