• Czech Republic
  • Elsewhere in the Czech Republic: Beyond Prague

    Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

    Since there was such a great response to my previous look at other destinations in Slovenia beyond Ljubljana and Bled, I thought I would continue on this time with a look this time at the Czech Republic, or Czechia as it is increasingly being known as. I’ve visited various parts of the country several times now, […]

  • Czech Republic
  • Back in Brno for November, Again

    Brno Cityscape

    For the last two Novembers, I’ve found myself in the Czech city of Brno. Last year I was visiting as part of my first time exploring the Czech Republic. This year it was simply a day trip from Vienna to show some people around. While November may not have the most pleasant weather, it aligns well with […]

  • Czech Republic
  • 5 Czech Castles to Check Out

    Loket, Czech Castles

    Castles and Europe go hand in hand. They just do. When people think of European Castles, probably countries like Germany and France come to mind. And yet just a little further to the east, the Czech Republic is home to some undeniably gorgeous castles. Like in the rest of Europe, they come in different shapes and sizes and […]

  • Budgeting
  • Czech Republic Budget Guide

    I thought that I would start providing some budgeting advice for some of the destinations I’ve visited, in case it’s of use to people. It can be hard to know what to expect with new countries, particularly how much it will set you back, so maybe this insight is worthwhile. These numbers will be based […]

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  • 5 Fairytale Towns in Central Europe

    Fairytale Town of Hallstatt

    There are a lot of classically beautiful places in Europe, right? Paris – yep. Prague – certainly. Venice – without a doubt. That’s part of what makes Europe such a fun destination to visit, the romantic notions stirred by architecture, culture and history. But there are some smaller places that take that innate beauty to […]

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  • Elsewhere: Olomouc, Czech Republic

    Olomouc Town Hall

    Quiet Czech walled city with a love of churches and fountains that boasts surprising depth. When people visit the Czech Republic it’s almost guaranteed that their destination is Prague and with good reason. Prague is a grand and vibrant city full of iconic spots. If people go further afield they might visit Cesky Krumlov, a […]