• Austria
  • Exploring Austria’s Wachau Valley

    Durnstein Houses, Wachau Valley

    Austria is known for being quite a mountainous country, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has some scenic valleys. And yet, one of the country’s more spectacular valleys lies nowhere near its alpine mountains. The Wachau Valley is a particularly scenic stretch of the Danube River running through the Austrian state of Lower […]

  • Romania
  • Visiting Corvin Castle, Romania

    Visiting Corvin Castle

    Romania is known for having many beautiful castles throughout Transylvania and one of its most elegant and stunning is Corvin Castle. Also going by the name Hunyad Castle, Corvin Castle is found in the small city of Hunedoara, west of the country’s centre. What makes visiting Corvin Castle so fascinating is that it genuinely looks like the […]