• Czech Republic
  • Elsewhere in the Czech Republic: Beyond Prague

    Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

    Since there was such a great response to my previous look at other destinations in Slovenia beyond Ljubljana and Bled, I thought I would continue on this time with a look this time at the Czech Republic, or Czechia as it is increasingly being known as. I’ve visited various parts of the country several times now, […]

  • Latvia
  • Castles of Sigulda and the Gauja Valley

    Gauja River outside Sigulda

    Just an hour away from the capital of Latvia is the small town of Sigulda. While often a day trip for visitors to Riga, I opted to spend a few days there to better explore the region. Boy was I glad I did, as I soon came to realise that Sigulda and the Gauja Valley […]

  • Elsewheres
  • Elsewhere in Slovenia: Beyond Ljubljana and Bled

    Celje Riverfront, Slovenia

    I have to admit that I’m quite smitten with the compact country of Slovenia. It’s a country that sits at the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe with all the benefits that location provides. What I mean is that it has the conveniences found when travelling in Western Europe, while still being a bit of an […]

  • Czech Republic
  • 5 Czech Castles to Check Out

    Loket, Czech Castles

    Castles and Europe go hand in hand. They just do. When people think of European Castles, probably countries like Germany and France come to mind. And yet just a little further to the east, the Czech Republic is home to some undeniably gorgeous castles. Like in the rest of Europe, they come in different shapes and sizes and […]

  • Romania
  • Visiting Corvin Castle, Romania

    Visiting Corvin Castle

    Romania is known for having many beautiful castles throughout Transylvania and one of its most elegant and stunning is Corvin Castle. Also going by the name Hunyad Castle, Corvin Castle is found in the small city of Hunedoara, west of the country’s centre. What makes visiting Corvin Castle so fascinating is that it genuinely looks like the […]

  • Portugal
  • 4 Day Trips from Lisbon

    Visitors to Lisbon are spoilt for choice. It is a fantastic city for tourists, with plenty to see and do. While unwinding in the suburb of Benfica for 5 weeks last September, I often made trips in to the city centre or Belem and never grew bored or ran out of things to do. But Lisbon […]

  • Europe
  • 5 Fairytale Towns in Central Europe

    Fairytale Town of Hallstatt

    There are a lot of classically beautiful places in Europe, right? Paris – yep. Prague – certainly. Venice – without a doubt. That’s part of what makes Europe such a fun destination to visit, the romantic notions stirred by architecture, culture and history. But there are some smaller places that take that innate beauty to […]