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  • My Favourite Countries of 2016

    Melnik Sunset, Favourite Countries of 2016

    Compared to last years travels, this year’s adventures have been decidedly one note. Rather than bouncing around the world like I did back in 2015, 2016 was about exploring Central and Eastern Europe and seeing what they had to offer. My jet-setting lifestyle took a backseat to the reality of needing money and after quite […]

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  • Remarkable Roman Ruins Outside Italy

    Heraclea Amphitheatre, Roman Ruins

    As someone who has considerable interest in history, I always like to learn about the past of places I’m visiting. This is likely clear in many of my posts, often fixating on historical landmarks and such. In the last year or so, I’ve been surprised to notice a common thread through many of the places […]

  • Bulgaria
  • 9 Things to Know Before Visiting Bulgaria

    Sofia Fountain, Visiting Bulgaria

    Bulgaria was one of those countries where I didn’t really know what to expect when visiting. I hadn’t really developed any preconceived ideas and my planning had been very limited. As a tourist destination, Bulgaria felt somewhat under the radar. Certainly, it is fairly popular as a seaside destination in summer, but I wasn’t aware of it […]

  • Bulgaria
  • The Southern Border Crossing to Macedonia

    Sandanski Bus, Visiting Macedonia

    Part of the challenge of travelling to less common places is that there are usually limited ways of doing things. After Bulgaria my plan was to head to the Republic of Macedonia next and there were definitely some challenges ahead. Before heading to Melnik, my last stop in Bulgaria, I had wrongly assumed that crossing the border with […]

  • Bulgaria
  • Hiking to Rozhen Monastery from Melnik

    Hiking Trail, Rozhen Monastery

    Bulgaria is quite well known for its monasteries, but I had failed to visit many of the well-known ones through my visit. So I was glad when I learned that near the town of Melnik was the historic Rozhen Monastery. Doing some interest research, I found out that while there was a road that joined the […]

  • Bulgaria
  • Photo Series: The Sand Pyramids of Melnik, Bulgaria

    Melnik Pyramids

    It’s kind of hard to believe that a place like Melnik, a town in southern Bulgaria, exists. It’s not because it is officially the smallest town in the country with just under 400 residents. It’s not because it is home to a huge collection of preserved Ottoman houses, protected as cultural monuments. Nor is it for the region’s […]

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  • Bacho Kiro Cave and Dryanovo Monastery

    Dryanovo Monastery by Bacho Kiro Cave

    My visit to Dryanovo started because of an incorrect caption on a Pinterest photo. As I’ve previously mentioned, my plans for Bulgaria were basically non-existent before arriving. Part of my itinerary building was simply looking at pictures of Bulgaria on Pinterest and finding places that caught my interest. One really cool photo that drew me […]

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  • Elsewhere: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

    Veliko Tarnovo

    Old royal capital boasting a dramatic cityscape, fascinating monuments and an epic fortress in the middle of Bulgaria. Before visiting Bulgaria, I really had no idea where to go. The itinerary I came up with was based on some quick internet research while I enjoyed the country’s coast. One of the stops I came up with […]

  • Bulgaria
  • Plovdiv, An Ancient City with Youthful Spirit

    Plovdiv Old Town

    After enjoying Bulgaria’s coast for two weeks, it was time to head inland. Having only seen the seaside parts of the country, I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first stop in the city of Plovdiv. What I found was a place with a fascinating blend of colourful history and optimistic energy. Plovdiv truly is a city […]

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  • Where to Stay on Bulgaria’s Coast

    Old Nesebar, Bulgaria's Coast

    For decades, mostly those east of the Iron Curtain really knew about the golden beaches that lie on Bulgaria’s coast. Today that’s not the case, with an increasing number of visitors from Western Europe and the UK choosing to spend their summer holidays soaking up the sun on the Black Sea. A big factor in the rush […]