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  • Photo Series: Jungle River Tour to Lamanai, Belize

    Boat to Lamanai

    Back in 2014, I journeyed to one of my most anticipated stops in Central America, Belize. I had been keen to visit this Caribbean country after reading a random guide-book one day. After spending some time on the Cayes by the Belizean reef, I travelled inland to the small town of Orange Walk in the country’s […]

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  • First Time in a Light Plane in Belize

    Light Plane Belize

    As someone who has travelled for most of my life, I’ve had the good fortune to fly many, many times. However, in all those years I had never experienced flying in a light aircraft. Last year, that changed with a very unexpected flight during my visit to Belize. My first stop in Belize had been […]

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  • Paper-Scissors-Rock on a Chicken Bus in Belize

    Travelling from Orange Walk to Belize City I was on a full chicken bus, standing up for most of the moderate journey. Aside from one other tourist, the bus was packed with locals making their way to the nation’s major city. As we went by, the bus would often stop and people would come and […]

  • Budgeting
  • Belize Budget Guide

    Next up for some advice on budgeting is the small Caribbean nation of Belize, where I spent some time in February 2015. Despite its proximity to the US, you don’t hear a whole lot about travel to this land, home to jungle and reef. As such, I thought it was worth providing an idea of what the damage […]

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  • 5 Mighty Mayan Ruins in Central America

    Temple V, Tikal, Mayan Ruins

    Fair to say that before I travelled through Central America at the start of 2015 I knew very little about the region’s history. I mean, I vaguely knew there were Mayans, Aztecs, pyramids and human sacrifice, but that was essentially it. Pre-colonial Latin American history is not really something they teach you in Australia. Now after […]