• Europe
  • The Trade Off Between Western and Eastern Europe

    Prilep Town Square

    As I set off again back to Eastern Europe, this time to explore Hungary and Serbia, it reminded me of an internal debate I’d had a while back. During my last two years in Europe, I’ve seemed to alternate between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europe has always been more familiar to me, having […]

  • Lithuania
  • 11 Sights To See in Kaunas, Lithuania

    Kaunas Castle Sunset

    When I decided to visit the city of Kaunas in central Lithuania, I hadn’t really given much thought to what there was to see and do in the city. I had included Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city, in my itinerary because I like to try to see at least a few different destinations in a country […]

  • Lithuania
  • The Diabolical Devil Museum of Kaunas, Lithuania

    Devil's Head, Devil Museum

    It’s fair to say that there are two types of museums: the ordinary, run-of-the-mill museums, and the strange, obscure museums. The Devil Museum in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas is most definitely the latter. Scrolling through the list of things to do in Kaunas, the Devil Museum understandably caught my eye and captured my curiosity. I […]

  • Lithuania
  • Sorry Vilnius, But I Didn’t Get You

    Vilnius River View

    Before I start, let me say that it’s not that I didn’t like my first visit to Lithuania’s capital. It’s very much an interesting city, with plenty of historical attractions and quite a youthful atmosphere. With that said, I struggled to get my head around it. As a European city, it didn’t make a whole […]

  • Latvia
  • 9 Things to Know Before Visiting Latvia

    Kuldiga Town

    Admittedly, I knew very little about the Baltic country of Latvia before finally deciding to visit that part of Europe last July. I knew where it was on a map and that my primary school music teacher was from there. Basic research confirmed what I already knew – I should visit Riga. But as is […]

  • Lithuania
  • Climbing the Dunes of Lithuania’s Curonian Spit

    Parnidis Dune Curonian Spit

    Given that my last stop in Latvia was on the country’s southern stretch of coast, it made sense to stick to the Baltic coast for my first stop in Lithuania. This worked out well, as I had remembered reading an inflight magazine that talked about an interesting destination on Lithuania’s coast, the Curonian Spit. The Curonian […]

  • Latvia
  • Exploring the War Remnants of Karosta, Latvia

    Northern Fort, Karosta

    Walking out of the city of Liepāja on Latvia’s southern coast one morning, I couldn’t have guessed where I would end up later that day. After spending the previous day exploring Liepāja, I had decided to venture north of the canal and visit the neighbourhood of Karosta. Armed only with a brochure that I had gotten from […]

  • Estonia
  • 9 Things to Know Before Visiting Estonia

    Tartu Poet Statues, Visiting Estonia

    Normally I’d be reluctant to provide tips for an entire country after such a short visit. Yet I was surprised how much I learned about Estonia in two weeks. Maybe it’s because I started with knowing so little about this Baltic country, but I think that’s an all too common occurrence. I certainly don’t claim […]

  • Elsewheres
  • Elsewhere: Kuldiga and the Venta Rapids, Latvia

    Aleksupite Bridge, Kuldiga

    Can you think of a place during the holidays that everyone seems to stop at, as they drive to and from their getaway? Somewhere to grab lunch or just pause at to break up the long drive? Well in Latvia, that stop is the small town of Kuldiga. Not exactly halfway between the popular beaches […]

  • Estonia
  • 6 Tips for Visiting Tallinn, Estonia

    Tallinn City View

    I wasn’t particularly sure how to best share the city of Tallinn with you. As the capital of Estonia and its major tourist destination, if you’re heading to Estonia there’s a good chance you’re going there. Unlike my previous entries on Estonia, if you like European travel there’s a fair chance you’ve actually heard of […]