• Europe
  • The Trade Off Between Western and Eastern Europe

    Prilep Town Square

    As I set off again back to Eastern Europe, this time to explore Hungary and Serbia, it reminded me of an internal debate I’d had a while back. During my last two years in Europe, I’ve seemed to alternate between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europe has always been more familiar to me, having […]

  • Croatia
  • A Peaceful Day Trip to Trogir from Split, Croatia

    Trogir View

    It’s hard to go past a visit to the coastal city of Split on a trip to Croatia. Not only a beautiful city in its own right with the remarkable UNESCO world heritage site of Diocletians Palace, it is also a popular starting point for sailing trips on the Adriatic Sea. But on top of […]

  • Macedonia
  • 9 Things to Know Before Visiting Macedonia

    Kaneo Church Ohrid, Visiting Macedonia

    While I do like to do my research before visiting a country, I was struggling to find much on the small landlocked Balkan nation of Macedonia. Other than a recommendation during my travels to visit Lake Ohrid and knowledge that the country’s capital was Skopje, I was mostly flying blind. This country really is quite […]

  • Macedonia
  • 5 Reasons to Visit Skopje, Macedonia

    Alexander Statue Soldiers, Skopje

    The city of Skopje may just be my favourite capital that I’ve visited in the Balkans. As my last stop in Macedonia it was a pretty great way to cap off my enlightening and eventful visit. Expecting to find a city somewhat in keeping with other capitals in the Balkans, Skopje turned out to be […]

  • Macedonia
  • The Many Surprises of Tetovo, Macedonia

    Painted Mosque Exterior in Tetovo

    In Ohrid, the end of my time in Macedonia was drawing near with my last stop being the nation’s capital of Skopje. Still wanting to see more of the country, I decided to squeeze an extra destination in before reaching my final stop. I had originally considered visiting Mavrovo National Park but had learned that there […]

  • Macedonia
  • 9 Things to Do in Ohrid, the Jewel of Macedonia

    Ohrid View

    When it comes to tourist hotspots in the Republic of Macedonia, it’s hard to go past the majestic Lake Ohrid. This vast lake lies in the southwestern corner of the country on the border with Albania. As a landlocked country, Lake Ohrid is the closest Macedonia comes to having a seaside. It’s for this reason […]

  • Elsewheres
  • Elsewhere: Prilep, Republic of Macedonia

    Marko's Fortress Prilep, Visiting Macedonia

    Small city surrounded by the rugged mountains of Macedonia, home to the nation’s tobacco industry and a mix of city and village life. The modest Republic of Macedonia is not known for many big name tourist destinations. This meant I had to be creative with my itinerary when visiting the country in July. Gladly, I decided on making […]

  • Bulgaria
  • 9 Things to Know Before Visiting Bulgaria

    Sofia Fountain, Visiting Bulgaria

    Bulgaria was one of those countries where I didn’t really know what to expect when visiting. I hadn’t really developed any preconceived ideas and my planning had been very limited. As a tourist destination, Bulgaria felt somewhat under the radar. Certainly, it is fairly popular as a seaside destination in summer, but I wasn’t aware of it […]

  • Macedonia
  • Warmest of Welcomes in Strumica, Macedonia

    Strumica Streets

    Coming to the Republic of Macedonia  I had to no idea what to expect from this land-locked Balkan country. My first stop there was the small city of Strumica, purely out of geographic convenience.  While it may not have dazzled me with attractions, in Strumica I received possibly the warmest welcome I’ve ever had upon entering […]

  • Bulgaria
  • The Southern Border Crossing to Macedonia

    Sandanski Bus, Visiting Macedonia

    Part of the challenge of travelling to less common places is that there are usually limited ways of doing things. After Bulgaria my plan was to head to the Republic of Macedonia next and there were definitely some challenges ahead. Before heading to Melnik, my last stop in Bulgaria, I had wrongly assumed that crossing the border with […]