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  • Weekend Spots for Locals on Vienna’s Outskirts


    Visitors to Vienna won’t struggle to find things to do when visiting Austria’s capital, a cultural and architectural mecca. The city centre is rife with cafes, museums and palaces sure to fill up your itinerary. But for those keen to explore beyond the city centre, or perhaps interested in what locals get up to on […]

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  • Exploring Austria’s Wachau Valley

    Durnstein Houses, Wachau Valley

    Austria is known for being quite a mountainous country, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has some scenic valleys. And yet, one of the country’s more spectacular valleys lies nowhere near its alpine mountains.¬†The Wachau Valley is a particularly scenic stretch of the Danube River running through the Austrian state of Lower […]

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  • 5 Fairytale Towns in Central Europe

    Fairytale Town of Hallstatt

    There are a lot of classically beautiful places in Europe, right? Paris – yep. Prague – certainly. Venice – without a doubt. That’s part of what makes Europe such a fun destination to visit, the romantic notions stirred by architecture, culture and history. But there are some smaller places that take that innate beauty to […]

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  • Photo Series: Vienna Christmas Lights

    When it comes to Christmas time, Vienna takes its celebrations¬†seriously. Around every corner is a Christmas market with stalls and gluhwein. But the Christmas lights, man the lights! In December, the city centre of Vienna is transformed with an incredible array of dazzling lights, worthy of a visit to this city just to see them. […]