• Austria
  • Exploring Austria’s Wachau Valley

    Durnstein Houses, Wachau Valley

    Austria is known for being quite a mountainous country, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has some scenic valleys. And yet, one of the country’s more spectacular valleys lies nowhere near its alpine mountains. The Wachau Valley is a particularly scenic stretch of the Danube River running through the Austrian state of Lower […]

  • Europe
  • 5 Fairytale Towns in Central Europe

    Fairytale Town of Hallstatt

    There are a lot of classically beautiful places in Europe, right? Paris – yep. Prague – certainly. Venice – without a doubt. That’s part of what makes Europe such a fun destination to visit, the romantic notions stirred by architecture, culture and history. But there are some smaller places that take that innate beauty to […]