• Portugal
  • Nazaré, Central Portugal’s Alternative to the Algarve

    Nazare Beachfront

    Certainly one of the most popular places to visit in Portugal is the southern Algarve region, known for its beaches and coastline. Visitors mostly come to the Algarve for affordable holidays by the beach and to get a taste of coastal Portuguese life. With that popularity though comes crowds and plenty of commercialised tourism. Surprisingly, travellers […]

  • Elsewheres
  • Elsewhere: Vibrant Southern City of Szeged, Hungary

    Szeged Votive Church

    Home to cheerful architecture and a lively student atmosphere, the southern city of Szeged is one of Hungary’s most endearing destinations. Wedged by the borders of both Serbia and Romania, Szeged is the third largest city in Hungary and not one to disappoint visitors. Like much of Hungary beyond Budapest, Szeged is sorely overlooked by […]

  • Portugal
  • A Cool Wine Tour of the Douro Valley, Portugal

    Douro Valley

    When it comes to visiting northern Portugal, the Douro Valley is one destination tourists can’t miss. The region combines sun-baked landscapes with rustic villages, not to mention one of the premier wine destinations in Europe. While port wine may be most commonly associated with the city of Porto, it’s really the entire Douro Valley that deserves […]

  • Photos
  • 21 Photos to Inspire Your First Romania Trip

    Timisoara Cityscape, Romania Trip

    For the uninitiated, Romania can be a tantalising but uncertain destination to visit. There’s plenty of allure to the country, with notions of spooky Transylvania and Dracula, but it also poses plenty of unknowns for travellers unfamiliar with eastern Europe. Often it’s this uncertainty that stops people from pulling the trigger on their first Romania trip. […]

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