• Talking Travel
  • Travel Articles by Your Side with GPSMyCity

    These days more and more people are looking to travel blogs to help them find attractions to see and craft their destination itineraries. While this does help travellers find new and different places, not to mention trusted personal recommendations, it does come with one major drawback; you often don’t have the article with you when you’re […]

  • Malta
  • Tales, Legends and Folklore of Malta

    Ruins of Ggantija, Folklore of Malta

    Before I start sharing posts on all the different destinations you can visit on the islands of Malta, I thought I’d first pass on some tales and legends that I came across during my month exploring Malta. Sitting at a crossroads in the Mediterranean, Malta lies both between Italy and Africa, but also the Middle […]

  • Photos
  • Sponsored: Insights from Learning to Use a DSLR Camera

    My interest in photography is a quite recent discovery in the scheme of things. It was only through my travels that I began to develop this blossoming passion of mine. As such, I generally see photography through the lens (pun most certainly intended) of travel and landscape photography. While I started out with a generic point-and-shoot, I […]

  • Poland
  • 11 Sights to See in Wroclaw, Poland

    Busy Market Square Wroclaw

    The city of Wrocław in western Poland is somewhat of a paradox; it’s one of Poland’s largest tourist destinations and yet you seemingly here very little about it. Often also known by its old German name Breslau, Wroclaw is a city of many charms, particularly when it comes to its delightful, historic architecture. Of course […]

  • Australia
  • A Day in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

    Dove Lake Cradle Mountain

    During my visit to Tasmania, Australia’s southern island, there was one place in particular that I really wanted to visit – Cradle Mountain National Park. When people had heard I was visiting Tasmania, that was a usually their top recommendations, but I’d also seen some stunning photos. Together that made it my most anticipated sightseeing […]

  • Slovenia
  • 9 Things to Know Before Visiting Slovenia

    Bled Castle over the Lake, Visiting Slovenia

    I keep finding myself returning to Slovenia. The country just seems to have a hold on me.  Since first visiting in 2013, I returned twice last year and I really wouldn’t discount another visit in the coming year. To me it’s kind of crazy how Slovenia isn’t a bigger deal for travellers to Europe considering […]

  • Italy
  • 16 Essential Things to Do in Perugia, Italy

    Perugia Sunset View

    For whatever reason, I was intrigued by the idea of visiting the city of Perugia in the Umbria region of Italy. So when I found decent flights for my visit home to Australia out of Rome, I decided to visit a few places in Italy on the way. Perugia was the first place on my list. […]

  • Asia
  • A Serene River Cruise in Tam Coc, Vietnam

    Ngo Dong River Tam Coc

    After spending a few days taking in the sight of Hanoi at the start of my visit to Vietnam in 2014, I realised I had a free day up my sleeve. Beyond Halong Bay and the highlands of Sapa, both of which I had planned, I didn’t know of any other trips you could take from […]

  • Poland
  • 5 Big Reasons to Visit Warsaw, Poland

    Warsaw Barbican

    I’ve heard of multiple cases where people have advised travellers to not bother visiting Warsaw when in Poland. Generally it’s said in comparison to Krakow which gets rave reviews most of the time. I find this disappointing as I enjoyed my time in Warsaw and think that comparing the two cities is a flawed notion. […]

  • Australia
  • Photo Series: Sheffield, the Town of Murals in Tasmania

    Farmer Mural Sheffield

    With my trip to Tasmania in December last year, I was expecting to see plenty of sweeping landscapes and stunning nature and I did. That’s what Australia’s southern island state is known for. However, I certainly wasn’t expecting to come across a whole lot of street art, especially since I wasn’t staying in any of […]

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