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These days more and more people are looking to travel blogs to help them find attractions to see and craft their destination itineraries. While this does help travellers find new and different places, not to mention trusted personal recommendations, it does come with one major drawback; you often don’t have the article with you when you’re out and about. Even if you do have the article with you, it can be tricky trying to then find the locations of things if you don’t have internet data. Frankly, it’s all a bit too hard.

This is why I think the idea of a GPS-guided travel article app is so clever. What it means is that you have the full blog article stored on your phone, with the added benefit of a map with the GPS coordinates showing you exactly where each of the attractions mentioned in the article are. Rather than just making a note of a place, you’re given the full context from the original article plus location, so as to make the most of your trip.


GPSMyCity Travel App

This fantastic concept is put together by the good folks at GPSMyCity who have collaborated with travel bloggers around the world to help bring their articles to your phones. They’ve now provided thousands of articles for over 750 cities worldwide, each with its own custom map of locations. With so much variety, you’re bound to find the right article that fits your city, interests and style of travel. Once this app is downloaded to your mobile device, you’ve got the information at your fingertips without the need to use data or internet. That’s true travel convenience.

I know you’re curious how this works, so allow me to explain. First of all, let me say that you’re able to download and read any travel article offline free of charge. It’s only if you wish to have the GPS-enabled version that you pay a small fee of $1.99 to upgrade the article. With the upgraded article, you’re set no matter where you are with the benefit of an offline map and GPS guidance. It’s that straight forward.

GPSMyCity Travel Article App


Launch Bonus

As you may have guessed by now, I’m proud to say that I have collaborated with GPSMyCity to make many of my travel articles available to you. From today Monday 22nd May, over 25 of my articles will be available to download. But as a BONUS, GPSMyCity and I are offering free upgrades to 4 of my most popular articles to introduce you to this great product. This giveaway starts today, Monday 22nd May and ends Sunday 28th May.


You can access GPS-guided travel articles two different ways:

  1. click on a link below for the article you are interested in (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSMyCity app, you will see a prompt to do so). After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you can choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.
  2. From the GPSMyCity app, you can browse by city to see which articles are available.

You can download any article for free or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use.


Free Give Away Articles

Tallinn City View

Until Sunday 28th May, these 4 articles have a free upgrade:


If you are interested in downloading more of my articles or just other ones from GPSMyCity, the following will be available Monday, with hopefully more to come in the future:


Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase an upgrade for one of my articles, I will receive a small fraction of the payment.

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