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  • Belize Budget Guide

    Next up for some advice on budgeting is the small Caribbean nation of Belize, where I spent some time in February 2015. Despite its proximity to the US, you don’t hear a whole lot about travel to this land, home to jungle and reef. As such, I thought it was worth providing an idea of what the damage […]

  • Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Bosnia Herzegovina Budget Guide

    After providing a rundown on budgeting for the Czech Republic, I thought another country worth some insight into expenses was Bosnia and Herzegovina. These numbers will be based on travel for one person and are generally at a level of travel comfort somewhere middle of the range. I know that you can certainly travel on a […]

  • Budgeting
  • Czech Republic Budget Guide

    I thought that I would start providing some budgeting advice for some of the destinations I’ve visited, in case it’s of use to people. It can be hard to know what to expect with new countries, particularly how much it will set you back, so maybe this insight is worthwhile. These numbers will be based […]