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  • The Trade Off Between Western and Eastern Europe

    Prilep Town Square

    As I set off again back to Eastern Europe, this time to explore Hungary and Serbia, it reminded me of an internal debate I’d had a while back. During my last two years in Europe, I’ve seemed to alternate between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europe has always been more familiar to me, having […]

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  • Travel Articles by Your Side with GPSMyCity

    These days more and more people are looking to travel blogs to help them find attractions to see and craft their destination itineraries. While this does help travellers find new and different places, not to mention trusted personal recommendations, it does come with one major drawback; you often don’t have the article with you when you’re […]

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  • Sponsored: Insights from Learning to Use a DSLR Camera

    My interest in photography is a quite recent discovery in the scheme of things. It was only through my travels that I began to develop this blossoming passion of mine. As such, I generally see photography through the lens (pun most certainly intended) of travel and landscape photography. While I started out with a generic point-and-shoot, I […]

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  • 7 Sources of Inspiration for Finding Hidden Gems

    Inspiration for Hidden Gems

    In a recent post on my day trip to Trogir, someone asked in the comments how I how came across the town. In my most recent post on Civita di Bagnoregio, I revealed that what truly inspired me to visit the town was it featuring on the reality show the Amazing Race. Together they got me […]

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  • The Art of the Day Trip

    Day Trip to Portofino

    In just my first 9 days visiting Belgium, I managed 5 day trips to surrounding cities and towns from the city of Ghent. By the end, I was pretty exhausted by the idea of it. It was just too much. Usually I’m pretty fond of heading out for the day to explore somewhere new nearby and […]

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  • 100th Post: Popular and Favourite Posts and Photos

    100th Post

    Wow, can’t believe I’m already at my 100th post! It’s been a lot of fun writing the 99 that have come before and I hope that it’s been to fun to read them. Thanks as always for coming to my blog and reading my incoherent ramblings. Since I didn’t do something for my 1 year blogaversary, […]

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  • ESTA, Travel to the United States without a Visa


    Guest post by Josh Hobson and Sophie Jones from the University of Liverpool   Planning on travelling to the United States usually consists of several obligatory measures: Where in the United States you would like to visit; How long you’re going to visit for; Which airline you’re going to fly with; How much money will […]

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  • The Countries at the Top of My Wishlist

    Globe - Wishlist

    To honour the new year, I thought I’d start with an aspirational post on the countries I’m most keen and excited to visit. I’ve had the good fortune to visit some seriously fascinating and fun countries the last few years but that doesn’t mean I’m not hungry for more. While it would be fantastic if […]

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  • My Favourite Countries of 2016

    Melnik Sunset, Favourite Countries of 2016

    Compared to last years travels, this year’s adventures have been decidedly one note. Rather than bouncing around the world like I did back in 2015, 2016 was about exploring Central and Eastern Europe and seeing what they had to offer. My jet-setting lifestyle took a backseat to the reality of needing money and after quite […]

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  • 7 Countries I’m Desperate to Revisit

    Tulum Ruins, Countries to Revisit

    As my list of countries I’ve visited continues to grow, I find myself thinking where’s next. To be honest, I’m often thinking that. I’ve realised that the number of European countries I’ve not yet been to is shrinking and this means it may be time to return to some countries I’ve already been to. While I generally want […]