• Latin America
  • My Coolest Border Crossing: Panama

    Panama Border Crossing

    Border crossings usually aren’t very much fun. They’re generally stern places, home to queues and bureaucracy. And tedious! I just want to get that passport stamp and get excited about venturing into the next new country. They’re even less fun in Central America, with unclear procedures, varying “taxs/visa costs” and often people trying to scam […]

  • Bolivia
  • Off Track on Isla del Sol

    One of the big sights when visiting Peru and Bolivia is Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. One of the true highlights of visiting this region is Isla del Sol, a beautiful and rugged island home to great hiking and historical Incan remains. Due to its terrain and remote nature, there are […]

  • Asia
  • Scammed in Hanoi with One Shoe

    I had just arrived back into Hanoi on an overnight train from Sapa, where I had been hiking through the region’s famed rice terraces. The train ride hadn’t been comfortable and I had only managed at most an hour’s sleep. That morning I was meant to set off for Halong Bay, but bad weather had postponed […]