• Belgium
  • Photo Series: The Surreal Experience of Aalst Carnaval, Belgium

    Firehose Float, Aalst Carnaval

    You would have had to be living under a rock to not have heard of Carnival before. Around the world, people celebrate this religious observation in all manners. The best known festivals arguably are in Rio de Janeiro, Venice and New Orleans’ iconic Mardi Gras. However, there are also plenty of lesser known celebrations globally, including […]

  • Photos
  • Sponsored: Insights from Learning to Use a DSLR Camera

    My interest in photography is a quite recent discovery in the scheme of things. It was only through my travels that I began to develop this blossoming passion of mine. As such, I generally see photography through the lens (pun most certainly intended) of travel and landscape photography. While I started out with a generic point-and-shoot, I […]

  • Australia
  • Photo Series: Sheffield, the Town of Murals in Tasmania

    Farmer Mural Sheffield

    With my trip to Tasmania in December last year, I was expecting to see plenty of sweeping landscapes and stunning nature and I did. That’s what Australia’s southern island state is known for. However, I certainly wasn’t expecting to come across a whole lot of street art, especially since I wasn’t staying in any of […]

  • Photos
  • Photo Series: The Magnificent City of Gdansk

    Golden Long Lane, Gdansk

    One of my standout favourite destinations from my visit to Poland was the magnificent city of Gdansk. This port city on Poland’s northern Baltic coast is home to some incredible architecture and waterfront scenes. Once known as the german city of Danzig, the city’s storied past is reflected in its magnificent sights. Despite the considerable […]

  • Latin America
  • Photo Series: Jungle River Tour to Lamanai, Belize

    Boat to Lamanai

    Back in 2014, I journeyed to one of my most anticipated stops in Central America, Belize. I had been keen to visit this Caribbean country after reading a random guide-book one day. After spending some time on the Cayes by the Belizean reef, I travelled inland to the small town of Orange Walk in the country’s […]

  • Latin America
  • Photo Series: The Captivating Colca Canyon of Peru

    Condor Rising, Colca Canyon

    Before my visit to Peru, I only ever really thought of it in terms of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. I was most definitely naive to the many fantastic historical and natural sights that the country had to offer. My brother had been to Peru a year or two before and had given me […]

  • Bulgaria
  • Photo Series: The Sand Pyramids of Melnik, Bulgaria

    Melnik Pyramids

    It’s kind of hard to believe that a place like Melnik, a town in southern Bulgaria, exists. It’s not because it is officially the smallest town in the country with just under 400 residents. It’s not because it is home to a huge collection of preserved Ottoman houses, protected as cultural monuments. Nor is it for the region’s […]

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  • Photo Series: Sighisoara, By Day and Night


    When I decided to travel to Romania this May, there was one main thing drawing me to the country – Transylvania. For many people, this region and its fictional inhabitant Dracula are all they know about the large and diverse country of Romania. I wasn’t much better and I was intrigued by the mystical, gothic […]

  • Latin America
  • Photo Series: Adventures in Salar de Uyuni

    I think by now my love for strange and encapsulating landscapes is pretty clear. I’m all for visiting places where you can go and just stand in awe at what the natural world has to offer. So of course, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see the raw majesty of the Salar de Uyuni […]

  • Europe
  • Photo Series: Glorious Icelandic South Coast

    Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice. There is so much to see in this wonderfully raw country, but a particularly good place to start is the country’s south coast. The Icelandic south coast boasts many of the country’s major sights and ever-changing landscapes. Plunging waterfalls, wild tundra, black stone beaches, desert wastes, glaciers and lagoons, […]