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  • Elsewhere: Białystok, Poland

    Branicki Palace, Białystok

    When trying to figure out how to get between Lithuania and Poland, I came across the option to travel to the city of Białystok in far eastern Poland. Honestly, Białystok hadn’t been on my radar at all before that, but it seemed like a convenient stop to break up the long journey to Warsaw. What […]

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  • Elsewhere: Little Tobacco in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia

    Marko's Fortress Prilep, Visiting Macedonia

    Small city surrounded by the rugged mountains of Macedonia, home to the nation’s tobacco industry and a mix of city and village life. The modest Republic of Macedonia is not known for many big name tourist destinations. This meant I had to be creative with my itinerary when visiting the country in July. Gladly, I decided on making […]

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  • Elsewhere: Oradea, Romania

    This humble city on the Hungarian border boasts a treasure trove of Baroque architecture and makes for an ideal first step when exploring Romania. For an emerging travel destination, there are still quite a few places in Romania that have yet to fully pop up on tourist’s radars. Most certainly one of these is the understated […]