• Latin America
  • Photo Series: Jungle River Tour to Lamanai, Belize

    Boat to Lamanai

    Back in 2014, I journeyed to one of my most anticipated stops in Central America, Belize. I had been keen to visit this Caribbean country after reading a random guide-book one day. After spending some time on the Cayes by the Belizean reef, I travelled inland to the small town of Orange Walk in the country’s […]

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  • Photo Series: The Captivating Colca Canyon of Peru

    Condor Rising, Colca Canyon

    Before my visit to Peru, I only ever really thought of it in terms of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. I was most definitely naive to the many fantastic historical and natural sights that the country had to offer. My brother had been to Peru a year or two before and had given me […]

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  • Transport Woes Visiting Santa Marta, Colombia

    Cartagena Taxi, Transport Woes

    While visiting Colombia last year, I was keen to head up the Caribbean coast to see Parque Tayrona, which I had heard was quite special. I had only initially intended on seeing Cartagena and Bogotá during my visit, so I attempted to shuffle things around to accommodate a visit. Little did I know the problems […]

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  • First Time in a Light Plane in Belize

    Light Plane Belize

    As someone who has travelled for most of my life, I’ve had the good fortune to fly many, many times. However, in all those years I had never experienced flying in a light aircraft. Last year, that changed with a very unexpected flight during my visit to Belize. My first stop in Belize had been […]

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  • My Coolest Border Crossing: Panama

    Panama Border Crossing

    Border crossings usually aren’t very much fun. They’re generally stern places, home to queues and bureaucracy. And tedious! I just want to get that passport stamp and get excited about venturing into the next new country. They’re even less fun in Central America, with unclear procedures, varying “taxs/visa costs” and often people trying to scam […]

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  • Meeting the Romanian Engineer on my Ferry to Colombia

    Colombia Ferry, Romanian Engineer story

    As part of my big journey through Latin America, the plan had been to sail from Panama to Colombia at the end of my tour. Sailing via the San Blas Islands is becoming a popular backpacker route to both explore some idyllic islands and also travel cheaply to South America. After talking with friends from […]

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  • Taking the Bar Home in Roatan

    The Honduran island of Roatan lies off the country’s coast in the Caribbean Sea and was one of many fun places I visited on my tour through Central America. As can be expected for a Caribbean island, the fun revolves around beaches and rum, which is always good. We stayed in a quiet part of […]

  • Latin America
  • Off Track on Isla del Sol

    One of the big sights when visiting Peru and Bolivia is Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. One of the true highlights of visiting this region is Isla del Sol, a beautiful and rugged island home to great hiking and historical Incan remains. Due to its terrain and remote nature, there are […]

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  • Paper-Scissors-Rock on a Chicken Bus in Belize

    Travelling from Orange Walk to Belize City I was on a full chicken bus, standing up for most of the moderate journey. Aside from one other tourist, the bus was packed with locals making their way to the nation’s major city. As we went by, the bus would often stop and people would come and […]

  • Budgeting
  • Belize Budget Guide

    Next up for some advice on budgeting is the small Caribbean nation of Belize, where I spent some time in February 2015. Despite its proximity to the US, you don’t hear a whole lot about travel to this land, home to jungle and reef. As such, I thought it was worth providing an idea of what the damage […]