5 Best Places to Visit in Palawan, Philippines

El Nido, Visit Palawan

Guest Post by Christian Vollmert of Volleontour.

If it comes down to the most beautiful places on the planet, then Palawan is definitely on the top of the list. No doubt about it. This dream island lies in the west of the Philippines and has a couple of places that are truely magical. To me, 5 places especially stand out from all the others. Some of them are more known, but others are more insider spots. The developmental stage of each is very different, but all of them will drop your jaw. Promise!


El Nido Islands

Island hopping El Nido, Visit Palawan

The first one on the list is El Nido and its countless islands. So it’s actually not just one place I want to mention here, but they all belong to the same area. One of the most fascinating things about El Nido is the lagoons and hidden places you can explore on an island hopping tour. Honestly, these destinations are a true paradise. I almost can’t remember seeing something as beautiful as these island hopping destinations. Big limestone cliffs, countless intact corals reefs and the whitest sand beaches full of palm trees. Every place has something really unique to it. A lot of them actually have been used as scenery for famous movies because they are so wonderful. A “must see” in Palawan!


Coron Island

Diving in Coron, Visit Palawan

The second place you should have a look at while you are on Palawan is Coron and all the beautiful islands around it. Coron can also be considered a “true paradise”. The whole Philippines are an absolute dream anyway, but Coron is one of the main places to go to. Especially in terms of scuba diving, this is a big highlight. It is one of only a couple of places in the world where you can dive at real shipwrecks from the Second World War. Sooo awesome!

And don’t miss out on the famous Coron Lake while you are there. Just magical scenery waiting for you there. A light turquoise lake in the middle of big, 30 – 80 m high surrounding limestone mountains with bushes and trees on it. So cool! And places like Banana Island among others should also be on your list. I think you won’t have seen a more intense water colour before… 😉


Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach, Visit Palawan

Nacpan Beach might be my favourite beach ever. It is definitely in the top 5 easily! This place is not just for insiders, but is still one of the more unknown places in Palawan. It still has the charm of a non-touristic spot and is almost undeveloped. This slightly curved beach is about 1 km long, full of palm trees and with almost zero restaurants, bars or anything similar which could interupt your peaceful stay. I promise you, when you walk onto the beach for the first time, you won’t believe what you’ll see…


Twin Beach

Twin Beach, Visit Palawan

Twin Beach is the little brother of Nacpan Beach and it lies directly next to it. Only when you look at both of them from above via drone, can you experience their full beauty. The jungle mountains in the back make this landscape even more scenic. You have a fantastic view during the sunset in the evening with the silhouettes of huge limestone rocks, which you can see on the El Nido island hopping tour. Absolutely stunning!


Duli Beach

Duli Beach, Visit Palawan

The last one on the list is Duli Beach. This is an insider’s spot. Only 20 minutes away from Nacpan and Twin Beach, this place can only be reached by driving on bumpy dirt roads. The good thing about it is, that there is literally no tourism at all. You only find one bar offering surf boards on the beach, which is a couple of hundred meters long. It is a great surf spot for beginners and the more advanced. The beach looks like someone imagined it, painted it and just put it somewhere on Palawan. It’s such a relaxing and peaceful place, that you just have to visit in my opinion.


Obviously there is muuuuch more to explore on Palawan, but, if you start with the above 5 places, you will already have made some memories that last for life!


© All photos by Christian Vollmert.

Christian “Volle” Vollmert is a german dude who loves travelling and exciting adventures from the bottom of his heart. He wants to inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone and travel the world. You can see and read more of Christian’s travels on his website Volleontour and on Facebook and Instagram.


Have you had the chance to visit Palawan in the Philippines? Which of these places would you want to head to first? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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